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Auto Racing Photos, Old School Books, & Copper World Classic Books, 1972—Current

Welcome to my website! My name is Mike Arthur and I've been shooting open wheel racing since the early 70's, with Ascot being my home track, and then Perris Auto Speedway after Ascot closed. I'm still active at racetracks and have an archive of photos through all of those years. 

I also have 13 "Old School" books that I have recently published, each covering an era or a year of open wheel and other types of racing.

In 2015, I was inducted into the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame for my contributions as an open wheel photographer. This was a huge accomplishment and great honor for me. 


In addition to photography, I offer graphic design and photos for both commerical and private use. 

I hope you enjoy browsing through the many years of open wheel racing I've been a part of. 

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